What is Metapreneurship – The Age of Metapreneurship
The Cargo Cult of Entrepreneurship
March 30, 2017
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May 13, 2017

What is Metapreneurship


Metapreneurship means “beyond entrepreneurship.” It’s modern entrepreneurship in a networked world; it’s collaborative entrepreneurship. Metapreneurship is entrepreneurship 3.0

And as we’ll soon discover, Metapreneurship implies something bigger than merely being a solo entrepreneur. In a networked world, we’re all connected in many ways, and this is particularly true for entrepreneurs. Individual efforts become collaborative; innovation is magnified and accelerated through the network. And this changes everything. It changes fundamental interactions, roles, behaviors and values.

Metapreneurship is a different kind of entrepreneurship, emerging from a variety of components. We’re all connected now; we’re permanently connected; we’re always connected. Our roles, interactions and motivations all change: entrepreneurs, customers, employees, partners. Everyone.

We’ve already experienced “parts combine to form something different” in the prior chapter – when “connecting the dots” destroyed old business models and spawned brand new ones in a network-centric world. In the Age of Metapreneurship, the parts combine to form a new environment for being an entrepreneur. The rules for success are different. Success is different.

Even for the experienced entrepreneur, you are now in uncharted territory, and you may not even realize it. It’s time to step back, and examine the terrain …

(for more … read The Age of Metapreneurship Chapter 5)

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