T-Ball Entrepreneurship – The Age of Metapreneurship
The Metapreneurs
April 15, 2017
Annotated Table of Contents
April 18, 2017

T-Ball Entrepreneurship

T-Ball Entrepreneurship happens when a startup community just tries too hard.
They begin with the best of intentions. Participants and leaders want an encouraging, nurturing environment where everyone is included, and where everyone can be an entrepreneur. But these good intentions transform the startup community into a T-Ball game where everyone is a star, no one fails, and everyone feels good.

Everyone gets a trophy – but no one is ever ready for the major leagues.

… the four pillars of the T-Ball Entrepreneurship community: 

  • The Cult of Cheerleaders
  • The Cult of Contests
  • The Cult of Coaches
  • The Burning of the Heretics

(for more … read The Age of Metapreneurship Chapter 3)

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