CJ Cornell – Page 7 – The Age of Metapreneurship
January 15, 2015

Startup Funding 2014 and Today

Here’s an interesting infographic that really does a good job of illustrating how startups receive their initial (external) funding. The specific […]
January 13, 2015

Startups – By The Numbers

Some interesting “numbers” on “startups”. The term ‘startup’ is used too broadly to have any meaning . Many of the […]
October 6, 2014

What does it cost to run a startup?

A rather interesting infographic/analysis on the annual cost to run a small startup , in different cities around the world […]
October 3, 2014

8 Simple Rules For Dating Your Advisor

  Getting time and attention from experienced advisors is a rite of passage for the first-time entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial advisors provide […]